I know if I want to earn your trust I need to answer some tough questions around MTTR.

Because I know MTTR is imperfect.

AND I know I’m a climate hypocrite.

But making something better always starts with a question, so here goes…

What is MTTR?

What does MTTR stand for?

What does MTTR do?

So what? Why’s all this important?

Why waste?

Go on…

Errr, so you’re just recycling then?

More jeans? Isn’t what you’re doing just ‘less bad’?

I don’t buy it… it sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself this is a good idea.

Why do you think selling more stuff is helping the planet?

Why don’t you just campaign for the Green Party or XR?

I can buy 13 pairs of jeans on the high street for what you’re charging!

Hold on… so you’re saying people who can’t afford your jeans are somehow ‘unethical’?

Isn’t this all just profiting from the climate crisis?

Why does your advertising use lame shock tactics to sell more jeans?

Okay, so you claim you’re doing all this for the next generation. What happens if a big fast-fashion retailer offers you a million pounds to buy MTTR?

I’ve told you how much I hate you on Twitter, why won’t you respond?

I’ve tried sending you my hate via email but it bounced back. WTF?

Credit where credit’s due.